April 16, 2019
Canterbury, UK
Time: 20:00
Venue: The Lady Luck

Morass Of Molasses
Blue Stoner rock from Reading UK. They play granitic stoner/sludge/doom metal full of juicy riffs, swampy grooves, bluesy twists and soaring solos

Orphan Gears
A high-octane mix of garage punk, dirty blues and Sabbathesque heavy rock blended effortlessly into a non-stop barrage of riffs, angry lyrics and grooves.

Deaf Row
Diverse influences from pop punk, 70s Rock, 90s alt-rock, thrash metal, hardcore + 80s nostalgia… the list truly goes on and on, and refining it into a sound that has been dubbed ‘Adult Emo’

8pm Start. Free Entry
The Lady Luck, Canterbury
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