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Deaf Row – Leftfield Hard Rock from Kent, UK

New EP - Buried Alive

Released November 24th 2018

  1. Blood, Sweat and Soil Deaf Row 5:04
  2. The Pain and Suffering From a Tragic Event Deaf Row 4:19
  3. Endless Days Deaf Row 6:13
  4. The Death of Icarus Deaf Row 4:47
  5. Leech Deaf Row 6:14



Initially formed as a power trio in 2014, Deaf Row went from strength to strength as a unit in 18 short months, carving themselves out as a unique act within an already vibrant hard rock scene in the South East. September 21st, 2015 saw their debut release, ‘The Proving Grounds EP’.

Deaf Row return in 2018 after a two year hiatus with the addition of well known solo artist Ozzy Thornton on guitar/vocals.

Re-energised with raw and uncomprimising new material, Deaf Row are once again ready to turn heads and assault ears with their hot, heavy, groove-laden riffs and thought provoking, emotional lyrics.

Deaf Row are:
Ozzy Thornton – Guitar/Vocals
Steve Moore – Guitar
Liam Gomez – Bass
Neil Price – The Drums

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